Why We Need Your Information

Knowing Your Household Will Help Us to Help You

One of the biggest challenges that rescue and recovery teams face in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster is knowing who is accounted for and who is not – and who needs assistance most urgently. If local communications fail, and Belvedere is cut-off by flooding or earthquake damage, the challenge becomes harder. That said, if our block captains know about the composition of households in their street, they can work quickly to assess who has the most pressing needs and communicate that information to our Emergency Operations Center through their two-way radios. If we know nothing about your household, you could be overlooked.

Telling us a bit about your household, including family pets, along with any special circumstances to watch out for, will help our block captains do their jobs. Having your contact details will help us more readily establish if you are out of town.

We know that sharing your information is hard. Maintaining your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your information will be saved on an encrypted server and only accessed by our block captain coordinator at City Hall. A printout of your information will be shared with your street’s block captains. They will need this information at hand should disaster strike.