How Our City is Preparing for Disaster

We Take Your Safety Very Seriously

Ensuring the safety of our residents is a top priority for the City of Belvedere. We are constantly updating our emergency plans in accordance with best practices. In partnership with the Town of Tiburon, we have an Emergency Operations Plan in place, based on California’s Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). All City staff receive regular training, including FEMA’s Incident Command System course, and section-specific training from the County of Marin’s Office of Emergency Services.

Our block captain program is a vital addition to our plans.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind should disaster strike:

  • City staff – led by our City Manager, Police Chief and Fire Chief – will direct our response and recovery efforts.
  • Operations will be run from our Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located at Tiburon Police Department. If this location is compromised, Belvedere Community Center will act as the EOC. The EOC is not intended to be accessed by the general public.
  • Block Captains will interface with the EOC through their two-way radios.
  • Designated shelters will be announced through Alert Marin and 840 AM.
  • First-aid facilities will be announced through Alert Marin and 840 AM. First-aid supplies are maintained at locations in both Tiburon and Belvedere and will be moved to the designated first-aid facilities.