About Our Block Captain Program

The Cornerstone of Sound Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to Belvedere Block Captains. The program is part and parcel of the City’s ongoing efforts to update its emergency preparedness planning. As natural disasters escalate in frequency, we learn a bit more each time about what could have been done better. We know that being prepared – at the household and community level –  improves outcomes.

Over the past year, our City Council members have been working hard to recruit and train volunteer block captains for every street in Belvedere. Our block captains will act as the conduit between neighbors and emergency services should disaster strike. They will be responsible for surveying their block, identifying needs, and reporting back to the City’s Emergency Operations Center through their two-way radios. They are NOT there to provide direct assistance or supplies. Households are responsible for ensuring they have adequate supplies of their own.

In order for our block captains to do their jobs, it’s important that they know a bit about your household, including particular vulnerabilities. We can’t require you to share your information with us, but doing so will ensure that you don’t get forgotten.